This site is about helping homeowners who have distressed mortgages serviced or held by NationStar and/or Bank of New York

Banks and mortgage service providers (MSP’s) are performing the absolute minimum to make it look like they are complying with the HAMP program but behind the scenes they are fighting like mad dogs with millions in special interest money to get rid of the program.  They are raining an unbelievable deluge of stalling tactics on homeowners seeking relief and often in demonic desperation they are breaking the law.  To these financial giants, families losing homes are just collateral damage to what they perceive as a bunch of deadbeat losers.

 Attorneys and sham artists are also preying on the homeowners as a result of Banks and Mortgage Service Providers preying on the homeowners.  The banks are driven by and profit by government funding intended to help homeowners.  The results are anything but a help to distressed homeowners.  The results are huge profits for banks and mortgage service providers while homeowners are being foreclosed on and
families are being destroyed.

This site has only one objective: Magnify the power of the single homeowner to get NationStar’s attention.  Together we can bring our case to NationStar and if necessary to elected officials, the press and/or seek collective legal action against NationStar to keep our homes. We want to expose and stop NationStar and Bank of New York from ripping off financially distressed homeowners with their tactics of stalling, bad management, deceit, tricks and buck passing.  As a country, we need to hold them financially accountable for what they have done to homeowners, home loan mortgage holders and the mortgage industry.

When people browse the internet for anything regarding mortgages, we want this site and all our sister sites to fill the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo so that NationStar starts paying attention to the homeowners who are losing their homes in direct contradiction to the government’s attempt to provide relief through the HAMP and HARP programs.


United, homeowners can make a difference! 

Please post your ideas and comments. 

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  1. Jeremy Garrett says:

    class action suit?

  2. Sylvia Miller says:

    When my loan was given to Nationstar, by BOA, I immediately action taken for foreclosure and my home sold back to Nationstar in the auction on DEc 17 2013. There so much that I can say but I was given the complete run-a- round and was not allow to make a payment. They claim that they want to give you a modification but that never happen, regardless. They only intention it to take your home. I tried a loan modification mediator that was possible a scam. They got the same round a round I gotten. Now, Nationstar say REO has my property and REO says Gennie Mac has my property. Now I am fighting to stay in my home and everyone says there is nothing that can be done. WOW…..I am in need of a good lawyer and we all need to get together and file a lawsuit and be given back out homes….We were wrongfully foreclosed on and they tell you that this an attempt to collect a debt but they are not really trying to collect a debt just to put you into debt.

  3. Lora Saltsman says:

    I also have started a Petition but I can only do my part, we need 100000 signatures before Oct 5. So far there are like 10!!! Can we not put our voices together and BE HEARD??

    Here’s a list of a few I have blasted with my email re:Nationstar.
    I have received a response from nearly all .

    TEXAS US ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE sent these address to email ..
    1. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
    2. Federal Trade Commission
    3. Texas Dept of Savings and Mortgage Lending OR

    KY STATE REP BRETT GUTHRIE responded and just submitted my privacy release so his office inquire in my case
    CONSUMER Complaints White House
    7. BBB compliant filed
    8.RIPOFF report filed
    9.Consumer Compliant Board
    10. Consumer Affairs
    11. Foresee Investors ( largest investor for Nationstar)
    ( Nationstar will respond with an email)
    12.Fannie Mae
    13. Freddie Mac
    14. I email any person or entity who may have any connection with Nationstar, email any writer that u can find an address for that wrote an article about Nationstar… Wall Street Journal …
    SIGN THE PETITION, get the word out! Look at all the complaints and look at how they all scream basically the same thing… This CORPORATION AND ITS INVESTORS are STEALING HOMES ALL ACROSS THE US by illegal foreclosure practices.

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